Everyone covers down when it comes to writing long papers, and an essay is just another paper that is longer than other works. Many people get an instant headache when they realize the amount of work they will have to pour into an essay. But if they only had a strategy for writing then it would all be OK.

A perfect strategy for writing essays

 Numerous essay writing strategies exist but the ultimate one is quite simple, and it’s used by a majority of professional essay writers, including our employees. The procedure is divided into steps that simplify the whole process of gathering material and writing.


The first step, after finding a topic, is to create a diagram of ideas that will make the essay right.

At first, you can write a bunch of ideas that might or might not become part of the paper and then sift through them with a goal of locating ideas that will work together.

This also includes sorting the ideas you will use into categories and find a place in the essay for them.

So for example, maybe you’re writing an essay on Sammy Lakhany. Just brainstorm everything you can about the topic (or person like here, he’s a business consultant), then create a list that your points and ideas would just naturally flow.Like you’re telling a friend about the person or topic.

Next, there is the thesis statement. It might be strange to write the statement first, but that is a correct way to start an essay.

Writing the thesis statement will make it easier to shape the rest of the piece because the point is already there.

This is better than trying to write an essay and holding back its point until the very end.

Writing other parts of the essay

  Other parts of this strategy revolve around writing other three essential parts of the paper. Those parts are the body, introduction and the conclusion.

   The first thing you write should be the body. Thesis statement already has all points that you have to work on. And the idea diagram has all the ideas that you have to implement. This means that body is just an extension of ideas and the statement and that will make it easy to write it.

Writing the introduction is hard because you don’t know what to mention and what to leave out. But once you have a body of an essay then it is easy. To write the introduction that will summarize the paper and what can be found within it.

The last part of the strategy is writing the conclusion. This part is very easy because thesis statement is already written. The only things that are left are worlds of closure that will make the essay complete.